noon to 1:30 p.m., Dec. 1, 2023

Matthew Grilli, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Clinical Director, Human Memory Lab
Director, Neuropsychology Minor
Matthew Grilli



Episodic memory and semantic memory interactions: Evidence from aging and amnesia

Abstract: In the fields of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience, an enduring theoretical framework suggests that episodic memory and semantic memory are separate forms of long-term, conscious memory supported by distinct brain systems. However, a growing body of research has revealed a significant degree of cognitive interaction and neural overlap between episodic memory and semantic memory. In this presentation, I will share my lab’s recent research findings that shed light on how the interplay between episodic memory and semantic memory can provide us with fresh insights into the memory patterns associated with older age. Additionally, I will discuss our latest research on amnesia, which suggests that there is substantial overlap in the neural bases underlying episodic memory and semantic memory, including in the medial temporal lobes. Throughout the presentation, I will try to connect my lab’s findings with recent theories related to conscious forms of long-term memory and associated aspects of cognition, especially as they relate to the medial temporal lobes. 


Janet Nicol