Welcome to Cognitive Science

The Cognitive Science Program at the University of Arizona was established in 1986.

Mary A. Peterson (Professor of Psychology and of Cognitive Science) is the Director of the Cognitive Science Program.

Faculty with (partial) appointments in the Cognitive Science Program:  Andrew Barss (Linguistics), LouAnn Gerken (Psychology and Linguistics), Tzu Yin (Vicky) Lai (Psychology and Cognitive Science), Janet Nicol (Linguistics), Mary A. Peterson (Psychology), Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini (Linguistics), Robert C. Wilson (Psychology)

The faculty in the Cognitive Science Program join with more than 50 faculty from 13 departments to constitute the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science.  Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs at the University of Arizona cross traditional departmental boundaries to facilitate cutting edge interdisciplinary teaching and research (http://gidp.arizona.edu/)

Cognitive Science is a model interdisciplinary program in that it is the interdisciplinary study of the mind, encompassing the study of intelligent behavior as well as the brain mechanisms and computations underlying that behavior.  The field is at the intersection of several other disciplines, including philosophy (knowledge representation, logic), psychology (basic human cognition, perception and performance), computer science (computational theory, artificial intelligence and robotics), linguistics (theories of language structure) and cognitive neuroscience (brain mechanisms for intelligent behavior).  Typical research areas of cognitive science include judgment and decision making, language comprehension and production, language acquisition, visual recognition of objects and events, attention, learning and memory, goal directed movement in complex environments and consciousness.  The Cognitive Science Graduate Interdisciplinary Program maintains strong links with the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona, a unique research center focusing on interdisciplinary study of consciousness and neighboring phenomena such as perception, emotion and self-consciousness.

Chair of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science:

Mary A. Peterson

Members of the Executive Committee of the Cognitive Science Graduate Interdisciplinary Program:

Rebecca Gomez (Psychology)

Tamar Kugler (Management and Organizations)

Shaun Nichols (Philosophy)

Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini (Linguistics)